Selección de Corsetería SLU

Selmark produces high quality garments for general corsetry, and for special applications like sports, demanding activities or handicapped. Instead of producing conventional textile products for a highly competing market, Selmark has a strong international activity (presence in over 20 countries) in the high end market, thanks to differentiated products and high tech innovation in materials and designs. All produced items are controlled by the EAN13 international coding which, along with the new radiofrequency technology, guarantees precision in dispatches. This is possible thanks to the continuous monitoring, integration and deployment of new technologies for quality and productivity improvement. Selmark has also been awarded the OEKO-TEX label for their products, which ensures compliancy with the highest demands in environmentally friendly production and product, and the absence of substances harmful for the human body or the environment.
SELMARK has developed an intense research activity in the recent years focused on the application of laser technology to textile processes. Among the 10 national R&D projects conducted at SELMARK in the last years, 3 projects focus on tailoring laser cutting technologies to different materials (i.e. foam and fabrics) and processes (2D, 3D) involved in the manufacturing of different kinds of undergarments for women.

Involvement in MERGING

The main role of SELMARK in the project will be the demonstration for the textile industry. SELMARK will define the process requirements and constraints of deploying robotized solutions in the proposed application. To validate the developed technology, they will perform a product assessment with the fabrics manipulated with the robotized solution. To this end, SELMARK with have the support of owned company and Linked Third Party CARABELA, that will make use of their facilities to validate some of the textiles after the manipulation and forming stages.