Centre Technique Industriel de la Plasturgie et des Composites

IPC is the Technical Industrial Centre of the French plastics and composites industry, with more than 3000 SMEs directly connected to IPC. As such, IPC is in charge of providing the plastics and composites industry with innovative and high value added facilities and manufacturing pilot lines, cutting edge expertise and services.
IPC covers the full industry value chain with its key fields of expertise including design and simulation of parts and processes; advanced injection moulding and tooling; thermoplastics materials; composites materials; plastronics. Main markets addressed today encompass automotive, aeronautics, health, packaging, connectors, house appliances and horology. Developing new value chains is a key strategic issue with focus e.g. on micro / nanostructured plastic parts, microsystems on plastics; smart composites; multi-materials additive manufacturing.

Involvement in MERGING

IPC’s contribution will consist of evaluating interactions between handling system and textiles/films to secure final product quality. Main tasks will be the following:
– Post-handling analysis (mechanical and physico-chemical laboratory tests) on materials and final model parts/items to correlate handling conditions and final performance.
– Guide-lines for selection of materials relative to the finger of the gripper
This will allow MERGING to identify the major parameters for handling each kind of material and the related phenomena/metrics to be controlled during the handling so as to guarantee integrity of materials. IPC will bring added value with its expertise in textile-based materials’ handling both for clothing and technical textiles as well as in characterization of composites and in film interaction analysis.
Thanks to its 3000 beneficiary companies in plastics and composites processing, IPC will also give valuable input for wider industrial needs so as to maximize final economic impact of the project.